What are projects?

May 24, 2021

Introducing Projects

Apps, databases, and portals are now combined into a single unit: a project.

You can still create apps as normal, now known as "standalone apps", but building within a project allows you to more easily use a database and portals.

How do I find my apps? 

If you can't find your app, don't worry. That just means it has been organized under a project. We automatically grouped apps into projects that had either of these attributes: 

  • If your app sends data to, pulls data from, or is pinned to the toolbar of a database, it is now in a project named after that database.
  • Also, if your app was included in a Portal, it is now in a project named after the database that portal is connected to (if any).

What's the purpose of projects? 

Projects allow you to group and share all of the components of what you’ve built in a single, coherent package. 

Previously, if you wanted to share an app that was connected to other apps (via a database) or a portal, there wasn’t always a good way to do it. Now, you can duplicate a project and instantly have all of the portals and apps that connect to a database instantly ready for you to customize and use.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing some exciting new projects that anyone can duplicate and modify. Stay tuned!

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