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Updated: April 22, 2020

Publishing your apps and databases allows them to be duplicated and/or bought by other professionals. You have total control over how and where your apps / databases are published.

Publishing is separate from activation. You must activate your app in order to use it in a real context. You do not need to publish.

You can publish apps and databases. You can't publish portals (yet).

When you publish your apps / databases, you list them on a marketplace. You can either publish your work to the Afterpattern marketplace, which is available for anyone to visit, or you can create your own private or public marketplace.


When you publish your apps / databases, you list them on a marketplace. The default marketplace is the Afterpattern Marketplace. You can also create your own marketplace.

Create a marketing page

If you decide to publish your app, you will have to create an app page for it. An app page is a standalone website that explains what your app is and allows other professionals to duplicate it.

To publish your app, go to the Publish tab in the app builder: 

For a database, there is also a Publish tab:

How to publish

After you've created an app/database page with which to market your work, you complete the publication process by indicating where, exactly, you want to publish.

In an app, you do this by clicking 'Part 2: Publication status':

From here, you select 'Marketplace.' This will open the publication settings configuration. Here can determine what marketplace(s) to publish your app under and what permissions you want to give other professionals (and whether or not you want to charge a fee).

What are the types of permissions you can give someone? 

  • Duplicate: Allows people to create a copy of your app / database with which they can do whatever they want.
  • Subscribe: People still create their own version of your app, but they can't edit it as they wish (they can only edit those pieces you've designed as editable).

How to finish the publication process

  1. You must hit "Save" after configuring your publication settings;
  2. Your app must be activated in order for it to be published.

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