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Updated: April 13, 2021

If your end-user lands on a redirect block, they will be automatically sent to another URL. You can use redirect blocks to string together multiple apps (one redirecting to another) to create a single, seamless experience from the end-user's perspective.

How it works

A redirect block is a type of Page block. To add one, click "Add page" while on the Blocks tab of the App Builder: 

Next, simply add the website URL you want to redirect end-users to. If the end-user lands on the redirect block, they will be sent to this URL.

How to string multiple apps together

Using redirect blocks, you can give the end-user the impression that they're using one, large app while actually they are seamlessly being redirected from one app to another.

This approach (breaking a single, large app into several, smaller apps) makes it easier to build and debug.

To redirect from one app to another, use the app's shareable link in your redirect block: 

  • Activate the app; then
  • Click here to copy the shareable link; then
  • Paste the shareable link into your redirect block: 

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