Dropdown of all 50 states

June 9, 2021

Do you need to add a long dropdown question to your app? For example, a dropdown of all 50 states in the US? If you have a CSV (a spreadsheet) of all the items you want to include in your dropdown, you can almost instantly create a dropdown question.

Before you begin

You must have a CSV (spreadsheet) of all the items you want to include in your dropdown.

For example, here is a CSV of all 50 states. The CSV is a simple table with two columns: (a) names of each state; and (b) their abbreviations:

Download this CSV

How it works

Step 1. Upload CSV to your App as a Data Source

In the App Builder, under Data Sources tab, you can upload a CSV to create a table inside your App: 

This new Data Source is represented as a variable. Give this a variable a meaningful name like 'list of states':

Step 2. Add a Row Selector question

Add a Row Selector question to your app and connect it to your new 'list of states' table. This will provide the end-user with a dropdown with which they can select a state: 

As a result of connecting this Row Selector question to your table, you've created two new variables in your app, one for each column in the 'list of states' table. You can use these variables anywhere in your app, like this:

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