Activate & publish

Intro to activating and publishing

Updated: September 14, 2021

Activating your app removes all the restrictions of test mode and provides you with a shareable link.

Publishing allows you to sell your app, or even entire projects, to other professionals on the Afterpattern marketplace (or your own legal automation marketplace). Publishing is optional.

Test mode vs. Active

All apps begin in test mode, which you can confirm by looking at the top-right of the app builder:

While in test mode your apps are restricted in certain ways:

  • Documents produced by the app include a watermark;
  • All emails, regardless of who they're address to, are sent to you, the account holder;
  • Payments made via Stripe or LawPay payment blocks are not real. You can use test credit card numbers like 4111 1111 1111 1111 for Stripe or these test card numbers for LawPay;
  • HelloSign signatures are not valid; and
  • We may apply other restrictions based on usage and circumstance.

Activate your app to remove these restrictions.

Using publishing to activate for free

Activating apps requires an Afterpattern subscription. However, you can activate apps for free if you publish that app (or the project that contains that app) to the Afterpattern marketplace and allow anyone to duplicate it for free. We call this an "open" app or project, as in open source.

This is not only the most affordable way to use Afterpattern, but it's also the best way to contribute to our growing community of legal automation builders.

Check out our lesson to take advantage of this feature.

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