What is the difference between the "Run" and "Preview" buttons?

There are two primary ways you as an app author can view and use the app you've built. The first way is to click the "Run" button from the Apps or Projects tab in your account. The other way is to press the "Preview" button from within the editor of the app. This article explains when it's most appropriate to use each method.

Method #1: The "Run" Button

The quickest way to use or view your app is to click the "Run" button from the Apps tab inside a Project or from the Projects tab. The reason this method is fast is because the "Run" button is simply a hyperlink to your app, which means it takes you directly to the app's URL.

Method #2: The "Preview" Button

This method is best when editing your app and testing those edits. When you click the "Preview" button inside the app editor, it re-deploys all of the code for your app, including any changes you made to the app in the app editor. The "Preview" button also lets you have access to Developer Mode tools, which help you troubleshoot an app you are editing.

Note: The major downside of this method is (especially for very large apps) it can take a minute or more for the app to re-deploy and for you to get access to the app.

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