Portal setup

Updated: September 22, 2021

You can build a portal on top of any Afterpattern project. Simply navigate to the Portal tab:

A single project can have multiple portals.

Create a new portal

You can create a new portal under your project's Portal tab:

Immediately upon creating a new portal, you must give it a name and specify how users will be able to sign up.

  • Portal name is purely for your own administrative purposes; end-users will not see the portal name.
  • Portal signup methods are explained in detail below.

How portal users sign up

When you initially create a portal, you determine how users will sign up. You can't change the portal sign up methods after you create your portal.

You have two options for how end-users sign up to your portal:

Option 1: Manual signup

This allows you to manually invite people to your portal. This option is always available.

Option 2: Auto signup

This creates a public sign up page where anyone can create an account on your portal.

  • You must have a payment method associated with your Afterpattern account to enable auto portal sign ups.
  • The URL for your auto signup page is made up of your Afterpattern username plus our proprietary domain "portal.law". Learn more about portal URLs.
  • The auto signup page looks like this:

The portal logo is shared across all the portals in your project (you can't have unique logos per portal in a single project). It is displayed on the log in / sign up pages and in the portal itself:

How to add a logo

Click "upload logo" to add a logo to all of your project's portals:

Recommended logo dimensions:

  • Height: 25 px
  • Width: 175 px

If you don't add a logo, in its place there'll be written "Portal by {{ your username }}."

Portal URL

Your portal is deployed to the internet and hosted "in the cloud" by Afterpattern. The URL for your portal is made up of your Afterpattern username and our proprietary domain "portal.law".

You can't host your portal on a custom domain, but we choose the domain "portal.law" because it's innocuous and with your username should provide a branded and trustworthy URL.

Editing your username

You must contact us to edit the username and have it change your existing portal URL.

Editing your portal

After you create a portal, you can edit it by clicking "view details":

This is where you edit and build your portal:

From here, you will build portal pages and manage your portal users.

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