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Updated: June 8, 2021

Navigation blocks allow you to control how the end-user progresses through the app. Specifically, you can: 

  1. Create a clickable table of contents (Waypoint Blocks); and
  2. Auto fast forward the end-user through multiple Pages (requires Fast Forward and Halt Blocks).

Waypoints Blocks

Waypoint Blocks are a type of navigation block you can use to add a clickable navigation bar ("navbar" or "sidenav") to your apps like so:

Learn more about how to use Waypoint Blocks in this video:

Fast Forward & Halt Blocks

Fast Forward and Halt Blocks are types of Navigation Blocks that let you control the flow of your app.

1. Fast Forward Blocks: When a user reaches a Fast Forward block, the user automatically teleports to the end of the app unless one of the following happens: the app reaches a question that must be answered but isn't currently and doesn't have default values or the app reaches a Halt Block.

2. Halt Blocks: When an app reaches a Halt Block and is "fast forwarding", the fast forward action stops and the user lands on the last visible Page Block before the Halt Block was reached.

Learn more about Fast Forward and Halt Blocks in the video below:

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