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Updated: June 8, 2021

Afterpattern apps can automatically send emails when the end-user reaches a particular Page Block. Emails can include attachments of documents assembled by your app (you can also attach files uploaded by the end-user).

All emails are sent from However, when the addressee(s) receive your email, the name displayed to them as the sender will be your Afterpattern username.

Test Mode apps only send emails to you

While your app is in Test Mode, all emails are sent to the email address associated with your Afterpattern account.

Create an email template

To create a PDF template, simply upload a PDF to the App Builder under the Templates tab:

After you create a new email template, click 'Edit' to enter the Email Template Editor.

In the Email Template Editor, you can draft the subject and body of your email. You can include variables in your email templates (just starting typing in either field and you'll see the 'add variable' button):

Send email from a Page Block

In order for your App to send your email, you must attach the email template to a Page Block (when/if that Page Block is run by the end-user, the email will be sent): 

After you attach your email template, you can define who the email should be sent to. You do not have to "hard code" email addresses; you can use variables:

You can conditionally send an email by clicking the 'Conditionally send email' toggle.

Add templates as attachments

After you attach an email template to a Page Block, you can add document (or uploaded file) attachments by clicking 'Attachments':

You can conditionally attach a template by clicking on the 'Attach if...' toggle.

Cost of sending emails

Sending emails to yourself (the email address associated with your account) is free. Sending emails to 3rd parties requires at least a Afterpattern Basic plan (starting at $40/month).

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