Updated: June 8, 2021

There are two methods for collecting e-signatures with your apps: (1) a default Afterpattern Signature Block; or (2) a HelloSign Signature Block.

Default Signature Blocks are free and allow end-users to draw their signature.

HelloSign Blocks require a paid Afterpattern subscription and provide two extra features: (1) an audit trail of all signatures; and (2) the ability to collect signatures from 3rd parties (someone who isn't the end-user of the app).

If you want to build apps that send people an email prompting them to add their e-signature, you must use a HelloSign Block.

Default Signature Blocks

Adding a Signature Block is no different than adding any other Page Block.

Signature Blocks define a single variable that represents your end-user's signature:

You can add this variable to document templates.

This is what the Signature Block looks like from the end-user's perspective:

The Afterpattern Signature Block can only collect e-signatures from the end-user of the app.

HelloSign Blocks

HelloSign is a one of the leading e-signature products. You do not need a HelloSign account to use HelloSign Signature Blocks.


  • Every time an activated App runs a HelloSign Blocks, it costs 1 HelloSign credit.
  • Each paid Afterpattern subscription includes a number of HelloSign credits.
  • HelloSign credits beyond those provided with your Afterpattern subscription cost $1 per credit.

At any moment, you can buy HelloSign credits in your Afterpattern account under Account Settings > HelloSign.

How it works

You can use HelloSign to build apps that collect e-signatures via email:

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