Updated: October 20, 2020

There are two methods for collecting e-signatures with your apps: (1) a default Afterpattern Signature Block; or (2) a HelloSign Signature Block.

Default Signature Blocks are free and allow end-users to draw their signature with their mouse, trackpad, or finder if using a smartphone.

HelloSign Blocks require a paid Afterpattern subscription and provide two extra features: (1) an audit trail of all signatures; and (2) the ability to collect signatures from 3rd parties (someone who isn't the end-user of the app).

Default Signature Blocks

Adding a Signature Block is no different than adding any other Page Block.

Signature Blocks define a single variable that represents your end-user's signature. You can add this variable to document templates or even store it in a Workbase.

HelloSign Blocks

HelloSign is a one of the leading e-signature products. You do not need a HelloSign account to use HelloSign Signature Blocks.


  • Every time an activated App runs a HelloSign Blocks, it costs 1 HelloSign credit.
  • Each paid Afterpattern subscription includes a number of HelloSign credits.
  • HelloSign credits beyond those provided with your Afterpattern subscription cost $1 per credit.

At any moment, you can buy HelloSign credits in your Afterpattern account under Account Settings > HelloSign.

How it works

Adding a HelloSign Block is no different than adding any Page Block. After you add a HelloSign Block, you must take the following steps:

Step 1

Select mode by which you want to collect the end-user's signature:

There are two modes: 

  1. Onscreen: end-user draws / types their signature while running the app; or
  2. Email: end-user can review the document, confirm placement of signature fields, then send the document out for signatures via email to one or more individuals.

Step 2

After you select a signature mode, you must attach a document template to this block (the template you want to add signatures to): 

NOTE: You can only add PDFs or Word templates created with our Word Add-in

Step 3

Add the HelloSign signature variables to your document template. In both the PDF template editor and the Word Add-in, there is a special button to add HelloSign signatures. NOTE: you can only add a HelloSign variable to a template that is attached to a HelloSign Block.


Your App is now using HelloSign signatures.

How to view the signed document

You can access the signed document (which includes the audit trail page that HelloSign automatically appends to it) in different ways, depending on the signing mode you selected.

Onscreen mode: The signed document is automatically emailed to the email associated with your account. You can also attach it to a subsequent Page Blocks:

The signed document is represented as a variable

Email mode: The signed document is automatically emailed to all the email signers. You cannot attach the signed document to later blocks because signatures are added asynchronously and therefore there would be no guarantee that the document was signed by the time the user reached the Page Block it was attached to.

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