Updated: October 6, 2021

Add e-signatures to your automated documents. You can collect e-signatures from the end-user of your app or from 3rd parties (e.g. the end-user automates a document and then emails it to a 3rd party for signature).

How it works

Add a Signature Page to your app. When / if this page is run, it will collect an e-signature.

There are two types of signature pages: Afterpattern, and HelloSign:

Afterpattern e-signatures are free. They allow the end-user to draw a signature.

HelloSign e-signatures require a paid Afterpattern subscription and provide two extra features: 

  1. an audit trail of all signatures;
  2. The ability to collect signatures from 3rd parties (someone who isn't the end-user of the app).

A common use-case for HelloSign is building an app that send someone an email prompting them to add their e-signature to an automated document.

Afterpattern signature

You can use the Afterpattern signature page to collect e-signatures from the end-user. This defines an image variable that you can use to place the end-user's signature on any template (Word, PDF, or email).

How it works

Under the Blocks tab of the app builder, add an Afterpattern signature page:

Signature pages define an image datatype variable that represents your end-user's signature:

You can add this variable to any template in your app (Word, PDF, or email).

This is what the signature page looks like from the end-user's perspective:

The Afterpattern signature page can only collect e-signatures from the end-user of the app.

HelloSign signature

Use HelloSign signatures if you want a signature audit trail or if you want to collect signatures from 3rd parties (someone who is not the end-user of the app).

⚠️ You can only use HelloSign signatures on PDFs, emails, or Word templates created with our Word add-in.


  • Every time an activated App runs a HelloSign Blocks, it costs 1 HelloSign credit.
  • Each paid Afterpattern subscription includes a number of HelloSign credits.
  • HelloSign credits beyond those provided with your Afterpattern subscription cost $1 per credit.

Whenever you want, you can buy HelloSign credits in your Afterpattern account under Account Settings > HelloSign:

How it works

Under the Blocks tab of the app builder, add a HelloSign signature page:

Signature mode allows you to change how the signature is collected, either onscreen or via email:

However you collect the signature (onscreen or via email), you must collect the signer's email (and enter that email under the 'Signer's email' field on the HelloSign signature page). HelloSign requires this email to create its audit trail.

The HelloSign signature page defines one or more image datatype variables that represent the electronic signature from end-users or 3rd parties. To use these variable on a template, you must attach your template to the HelloSign signature page:

You can only attach 1 template to a HelloSign page.

You can use HelloSign signatures on PDF, emails, or Word templates create with our Word add-in.

After you attach your template, use the special HelloSign field or variable button to place your HelloSign signature on the template. This button is different across each template type; here is the HelloSign button in the PDF template editor:

Onscreen mode

After you assign your HelloSign signature variable to your template (see above), you must determine what to do with the signed template. The signed template is represented as a variable:

Use this variable to...

Option 1: Give the template to the end-user to download by attaching it to one your page blocks:

Option 2: Send the signed template to a file type column of your project's database:

Learn how to send data.

Email mode

Watch this brief video for a walkthrough of how to use email mode to collect signatures from 3rd parties:

HelloSign signature from multiple people

If you use the HelloSign signature block in email mode, you can add multiple signers. This provides with a signature variable for each signer:

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