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Use a PDF to auto-build a database table

Updated: February 4, 2021

Auto-build an Afterpattern database table from a PDF where the table has a column for each field you select from the PDF: 

Use this feature in conjunction with 'auto-build app from table' to quickly develop Afterpattern automations that populate PDFs.

Learn how the two auto-build features work together.

In this lesson:

Preparing the PDF

The PDF must have fillable fields with labels. You can use Adobe Acrobat's prepare form feature:

Using the PDF to auto-build a table

From your Afterpattern database, click 'Auto-build table' and upload your PDF:

Next, decide which fillable fields should become a column in your new database table. By default, all fillable fields are selected to become columns in your table; to select a field, click on the associated toggle:

For each fillable field that is selected to create a column, you can specify: 

  • Column name: the label this column will have in your database.
  • Data type: the type of data this column will be able to contain.

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