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Intro to integrations

Updated: September 13, 2021

Use our "native" integrations to quickly enhance your apps with powerful features, or build your own integrations using your app's inherit ability to send / receive data.

Native integrations

Native integrations are those we have built for you.

These allow you to:

Build your own integrations

If you're willing to learn how webhooks and APIs work, you can build your own Afterpattern integrations.

Webhooks allow you to send data from your app to a 3rd party website. The most common use-case for a webhook is sending data to Zapier (from there, you can easily "zap" your data wherever you need to). Check out our lesson on using webhooks and Zapier.

You can also run your app via an API. Meaning, you can use a 3rd party website to trigger and then send data to your app. Check out our lesson on running your app via an API.

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