Can you add date document signed to a HelloSign signature?

October 7, 2021

Although we provide you with a Today variable, equal to the day on which an app is run, we do not provide you with a variable equal to the day on which a document is signed (which may be different from Today).

However, if you use a HelloSign page in email mode there is a solution.

How it works

You can use a HelloSign signature page to collect e-signatures from the end-user or 3rd parties. A HelloSign signature page has one of two modes: onscreen or email. If you use the email mode, the HelloSign page will send an email to whoever you designate prompting them to sign one of your templates:

When your app runs a HelloSign page that is in email mode, it will prompt the user to review the template and confirm it's ready to be sent to someone for their signature. In this moment, you (or whoever the end-user of the app is) can draw a "Date Signed" field onto the template:

After you add the "Date Signed" field, click "Send" to fire the email requesting the recipient to add their signature. On the final, signed document there will also be the date signed.

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