Advanced email validation

August 9, 2021

By default, the Email Question will check whether the end-user is submitting a valid email address. But you can go beyond this to only accept emails from certain domains.

Let's begin by collecting the end-user's email address with an Email Question:

Next, we'll use an Expression Block to create a variable, `user email is acceptable`, that is True if certain conditions are met. Those conditions make use of the "case-insensitively includes" operator and they allow us to check whether the end-user's email includes certain domain names:

In this ^ example, we're determining whether the end-user's email address includes one of two domains: afterpattern.com or community.lawyer.

Finally, we can use this new variable to conditionally display a Final Page. This Final Page tells the end-user to go back and re-enter their email address because it does not meet our requirements:

That's it!

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