How do I market my app?

February 18, 2021

Once you've tested your app and are ready to launch and distribute it for people to use, spread the word!

Below are basic practices just to get you started:

  • Know who your users are and how you'll distribute the app. Asked another way, do you want to direct people to your website or direct people to the app's shareable link?
  • Make a list of media contacts that might be interested in your story. This might include (and not limited to) organizations that will use your automation or will share with their constituents, local or state-specific media publications who may want to feature access to resources, or writers/reporters who have written about your organization before.
  • Generate a press release. Don't have a press or communications resources? Generate your own press packet to help with your distribution efforts. This app produces a first rough draft of a press release to organize your thoughts on highlighting useful information about your app, and hopefully inspires some thinking around sample tweets to share on Twitter.
  • Send either an email pitch and/or the press release to your media contact list.

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