How to transfer your app to another account

February 4, 2021

You can transfer your app and/or database from one Afterpattern account into another. The mechanism by which this is possible is our publication feature.

Step 1. Activate your app

To publish an app, you must first activate it. Do this by clicking the activate toggle in the App Builder:

Activating your app makes it useable in real-life scenarios (no watermarks on document templates, emails can be sent to 3rd parties -- learn more about difference between apps in 'Test mode' and 'Active').

Note: this step is not required for databases.

Step 2. Create an App/Database Page

In both the App Builder and databases there is a Publish tab. Within that tab, you can create your 'App/Database Page' -- This is the website that will eventually allow others to duplicate your app / database. Here is how you create this website for apps: 

Step 3: Publish your app/database

There are many ways to configure your app's publication, including choosing whether anyone can duplicate your app (publish to a "public" community) or only specific people can (publish to a "private" community where only other community members can duplicate), but the simplest configuration is as follows:

This configuration ^ publishes your App Page to the internet where anyone can find it and it allows anyone to duplicate your app for free.

After you hit "save", you will have access to your App/Database Page:

Step 4. Give the link to your App/Database Page to whoever you want to duplicate your app

If your App/Database page is published to a "public" community (as recommended above), you can simply copy the URL to this page from your website and send to it anyone as a normal web page. If you published your App/Database page to a "private" community, you will first have to invite them to the community before they'll be able to visit your App/Database page.

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