How do I publish my database?

February 16, 2021

You can attach apps to a database and then publish the database plus the apps. The provides users with both your apps and your database schema.

Note: the data in your database will NOT be duplicated by the end-user. When they duplicate your database, they will duplicate the database schema only (the tables and columns that make up your database).

How it works

  1. Attach apps to your database; and
  2. Publish the database.

Step 1: Attach apps to your database

There are two ways to attach apps to your database: 

Method 1: If the database is a Data Source in the app, and if you've added the app to the database toolbar (as a mechanism for the end-user to select which row to use in a session), the app is therefore "attached" to the database. Quick reminder, this is how you attach the app to a database toolbar: 

NOTE: this method is only relevant if you want the app to be used by selecting a row in the database and then running the app off the data in that row.

Method 2: Attach the app directly the database toolbar by clicking "Edit toolbar" on the database:

Step 2: Publish the database

You publish the database directly from the database itself:

Just like publish an app, you will need to create a Database Page (the website that people land on to learn about the database and duplicate it).

All set!

Once you've published your database, reach out to use on Twitter and we will help promote it.

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