Send data to fill out a Clio picklist

September 10, 2021

You can use radio or dropdown questions in your Afterpattern app to update picklists in your Clio contacts and matters.

1. Add a radio or dropdown question

In Afterpattern, make sure there is an option for each option in your Clio picklist.

2. In Clio, the ID # for each option in the picklist

These IDs are going to be used as the values for your Afterpattern dropdown or radio question (the values for each option are in purple; they do not, and in this case will not, be the same as the names for each option, which is what the end-user sees).

But where do we find these IDs? 

You can't. At least not through the normal Clio interface. You'll need to use a common web developer technique of looking behind the web interface; that's where we'll find the IDs.

While on the 'Edit Custom Field' screen, right click anywhere on the webpage and select "Inspect":

Use this inspect tool to find the ID for each option in the custom field (click on the inspect tool, then click on a picklist option):

Within the code for that specific option, you will find its ID #; it's labeled data-picklist_id:

3. Paste the data-picklist_id for each option's value in Afterpattern

This part is admittedly also a pain, as you may notice that Afterpattern doesn't like it if radio / dropdown question options have different datatypes values from each other, and since you're likely changing the datatype from text to number you'll run into this limitation. The solution is to build the radio / dropdown question options one at a time, populating the option values before you write the option labels that the end-user will read.

4. Last step: Convert your dropdown / radio variable into a useable integer

Use an Expression Block to create a variable that is equal to your radio / dropdown question variable plus the ceiling operator:

5. That's it!

Now you're ready to send data to Clio and edit this particular picklist.

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