Data security

April 15, 2021

You have full control over how / whether your app saves data.

How turn off all data storage

You may notice that your Afterpattern apps do not come with a database. Meaning, unless you add a database (which is explained below), your app will not save any end-user data. That said, by default your app will have the 'Save & continue' feature turned on (this allows end-users, while using your app, to email themselves a URL that allows them to jump back into the app from where they left off). In order for this feature to work, your app will save the data necessary to allow the end-user to continue.

In order to turn off all data storage, all you need to do is turn off 'Save and continue'. This article explains how.

How to save end-user data

In order to save end-user data, you must send that data from your app to a database. The best way to save end-user data is with an Afterpattern database.

You decide exactly what data to send to your database. This means you can send only "analytics" data (e.g. dates when an app is started and finished).

If you decide to save end-user data, is that data secure? 

We employ industry-standard security measures similar to those used by companies like Dropbox and Google. Thousands of lawyers and dozens of bar associations trust Afterpattern to collect, store, and transfer sensitive data.

Here is a breakdown of our data security measures: 

Collecting Data

Any data your app collects is encrypted in transit from the end-user's machine to our servers via Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Storing Data

You data is stored using Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS infrastructure is designed to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations in the world. AWS data centers are managed in accordance with leading data security standards, including SOC 1 - 3, PCI DSS Level 1, and ISO 9001 / ISO 27001.

Webhook Security

Webhooks allow you to send data from your app to an outside database (or other web apps). Afterpattern apps can send these requests over Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), which means data is encrypted in transfer.

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