How to add apps to your database or portal Toolbar

October 19, 2020

There are two ways to add apps to your database Toolbar, which lets you run apps by selecting them from a dropdown.

Method 1: "Edit toolbar"

To add an app that appears in the toolbar dropdown whenever a row is NOT selected:

  1. Navigate to the table in your database you would like to add the app to
  2. Click the "Edit toolbar" button in the toolbar
  3. Select the name of the app you'd like to add to the toolbar and click the "Add" button.

Now that app should be an option in your toolbar dropdown.

Method 2: Toggle "Add app to database toolbar"

Follow the steps below to add an app that appears in the toolbar dropdown whenever one or more rows are selected.

Step 1: Add the database as a Data Source in your app

In order for your App to use data from your database, you must add that database as a Data Source: 

Step 2: Click 'Add App to database Toolbar'

Step 3: Use the new variables in your app

Whenever you add a Data Source to your app, you must provide a mechanism for the end-user to "look up" a specific row within your Data Source table. Adding the app to your database Toolbar is such a mechanism (the end-user, i.e. you, will be able to "look up" a row by clicking on it directly from within the database).

As a result of adding the app to your database Toolbar, you have access to variables for each column in your database table. Use these variables to create a document template.

Step 4: Activate your App

As long as your app is activated, it will appear on your database Toolbar.

You can now select a row of data, then select the app you want to use that data in. You can even select multiple rows at once.

Video Walkthrough

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