How do I import data into my project?

August 31, 2021

Where to import data

From within your project's database, click 'Auto-build or import' to import data:

You can upload a .csv file (comma-separated values file, AKA a spreadsheet). You can create a .csv file from any popular spreadsheet software, including Excel or Google Sheets.

Uploading to the key column

Your .csv file must have at least 1 column of data that is suitable for the key column of your Afterpattern database (meaning, that column is comprised entirely of unique values). If you don't, you will get this error:

^ This error is telling you that the column in your .csv file that you're attempting to use for the key column in your database has duplicate values (note, if two cells of data are empty those two cells are duplicates).

There are two ways to fix this:

  1. Remove all duplicate values from that column in your .csv file; or
  2. Create a new column in your .csv file, and in that new column be sure to add strictly unique values.

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