How to allow end-user to review information they've previously entered?

October 28, 2020

After you create a variable in your App, you can display it's value back to the end-user. For example, after you ask the end-user for their name and legal issue (via a checkbox question), you can display both in subsequent Block headers: 

How it works

Let's image we want to do the following:
1. Ask the user what kind of legal issue they're interested in; and
2. Show the user, on a later block, which legal issue they said they're interested in.

Step 1

Create a question that asks the user what legal issue they're interested in. Let's imagine this question creates a variable called `legal_issue`

Step 2

On a new block, click "Add variable" and select `legal_issue`:

That's it!

Now, when the user reaches this block they will see legal issue they selected.


Note: To change their information, the end-user must go back to the original question and enter a new response.

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