Query your database

June 15, 2021

What is querying

Querying is a method for "looking up" multiple rows in the database attached to your app as a data source. What's great about querying is that you can search through any column in your database (compared to indexing where you can only search through the key column).

How does it work

Add a Query Block to your app; this is a type of logic block

After you add the Query Block, select the data source you want to query. Next, select what column you want to search through and compose a search criteria: 

Search criteria: find all rows where the column 'Name' equals employer_name

Notice that your Query Block is defining a variable. Give this variable a semantic name. This variable represents a list of all matching rows, so a good name for it might be "list of selected X" (e.g. list_of_selected_clients).

How to use the data from the selected rows

Querying returns a list of matching rows. This is important as there is a unique process for using data contained in a list.

How to use lists

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