Using a row selector question to "look up" a row of data in your data source

June 15, 2021

Row selector question

Allow the end-user of your app to "look up" a row of data in the app's data source (learn more on how to add a database as a data source to your app). This is what the row selector question looks like from the end-user's perspective when running the app:

This is not a dropdown; the end-user must begin typing in order to search.

How to add this to your app

From any Question Page, click 'questions' and then choose row selector. After you add this question to a page, you must connect it to a data source and specify which column from that database you want to allow the end-user to search through:

Like all other questions, the row selector defines a variable. Give this variable a semantic name. This variable represents the selected row from your database, so a good name for this variable could be "selected_X" (e.g. selected_client).

How to use the data from the selected row

As soon as you finish setting up your row selector question, you will have access to variables for each column in your database table. These new variables are labeled using the row selector variable + column name: 

You can use these new variables for anything you can use a normal variable for, such as creating document templates.

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