How to share your Afterpattern app across an entire organization in Clio

July 20, 2021

You can have multiple users in your Clio Manage account. If you build an Afterpattern app that integrates with Clio, how do you share that app with other users in your Clio account? This article will explain how.

Depending on how your app is designed, there is a different procedure for sharing it.

If the app is a Clio custom action

Your app is a Clio "custom action" if you attached it directly to the Clio dashboard:

This is a great way to pull Clio data into your app to automate document templates.

If your app is a Clio custom action, each Clio user you want to share it with must create their own Afterpattern account. Then, each Clio user, from their new Afterpattern account, will need to duplicate your app (learn how to publish your app so that others can duplicate it).

If the app is not a Clio custom action

If your app is not a Clio custom action, you can share with others by simple providing them with the app's shareable link.

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