Translate my app into a new language

November 25, 2020

There is no ability to instantly translate your app from one language to another. Currently, the best solution is as follows:

  1. Duplicate your app
  2. In the duplicate, translate all text into desired language
  3. Finally, select a new default language for the "hard-coded" text in your app (e.g. "continue" on buttons, etc).

You can change the default language for the "hard-coded" text in your app under Settings > Styles:

Don't see your language? 

Contact us and we can help you get your language into our system.

What about Google Translate?

While Google Translate works in many cases, we recommend that you work with a qualified professional translator to develop your translations and work with your team to validate translations, comprehension, and grammar. High translation quality increases language access.

How do you consider good UX for multiple languages?

💡Decide on how the apps will be distributed. Consider your App as one offering.

After you translate your app into the desired language, return to your original App.

  1. Add a Question Block to the beginning using a Radio question to ask users: 
    "What is your preferred language?" include the language versions of your app as options for selection (e.g., English; French; Spanish)
  2. Add a Redirect Block, using "Redirect if..." logic when the desired language is selected, that redirects the user to the URL of the App in the desired language.
    Or, add an Information Block, using "Display if..." logic when the desired language is selected, that both welcomes the user and provides a link to the app in the desired language.

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